Bathroom Interior Design

You do not think of the bathroom as the most significant space in the house in terms of decorating. But a big statement can be made by stylish, well-decorated bathrooms, and some of the latest design trends add a huge wow factor to an otherwise boring space. To make the bathroom stand out, our interior designer enjoy adding custom details for our customers.


Some of our favorites are here:


• Warmer hardware – For fixtures, polished silver and rubbed chrome are no longer the only option. For knobs, faucets, showerheads, and furniture accents, more people are shifting to warmer tones of bronze, copper, and gold. The warmer colors create a more welcoming space that is cozier. The Homies Interior bathroom interior designer in Patna makes the work so much more easier.


• Bold tiles – Tiles don’t have to be white subway rectangles row after row. Right now, fun styles, colors, and patterns are trendy. For bolder colors and colorful accents, people trade in plain white and beige – often even mixing and matching various tiles. Only not overdoing it is the secret. You want to balance it out with more soothing neutrals if you are going to go bold.


• Minimalist design – Clean lines, fewer items in the room, streamlined fixtures, and sculptural lines are usually included in minimalist design. The look is trendy, personalized, and soothing. Some individuals are completely removing hardware, opting instead for built-in handles that look seamless.


• Separate zones – In bathroom design, dressing areas, makeup benches, and built-in closets are becoming more common. There’s a trend towards wet and dry different areas. There are separate rooms for dressing, water closets, and makeup areas instead of one wide room. The Homies Interior interior designer helps you with these designs.