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Interiors that redefine the decor journey.

Homies Interior ADVANTAGES

We favour creating functional designs that are also aesthetically pleasing. Homies InteriorInterior Designers in Patna are well-equipped to help our clients realise their ambitions and aspirations thanks to an in-house production facility, automated and cutting-edge technical improvements, and a customer-focused perspective.

Founded By Top Corporate Executives

1300+ Residential Projects in Bihar

End to End Solution Provider

Authorised Partner with Leading Brands

Direct Manufacturer to Consumer

200+ Expert Professionals

10 Years Warranty

High Quality Products Assured


We have made an effort to be the top home interior designers in Patna Bihar, having completed more than 1300+ residences in this developing metropolis. For your convenience, here are a few of our most recent completed projects

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Interior design for homes is neither simply about technology or just about feelings. It combines the two, together with knowledge of contemporary aesthetics. Even though we are regarded as Patna’s top interior designers, we enjoy imparting the creative wisdom we have gathered over the years. Continue reading to learn more about the newest styles, as well as the science and art of building dream homes.


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We work closely with partners who are innovators in their fields, which enables us to use the best materials for your home.



True luxury is about your lifestyle, how you feel, and what you do. All of these factors are considered in good interior design. Massive consideration is paid to the design, electrical planning, and floor and roof alignment while building or renovating a facility. However, the process of transforming any area into your ideal house is incomplete, unless equal work is put towards interior planning and decorating of such space. An architectural marvel is actually created by the décor process, not the original architecture.</span>

With you, interior design begins. Every room is uniquely individual, just like every person. With your help, the top interior designers in Patna will create places that properly reflect your unique tastes and way of life. We create beautiful interior designs for homes that foster a sense of place. From the beginning to the end of each project, we work closely with clients to fully grasp their lifestyle before defining a distinct creative vision that will transform a home into something that is uniquely suited to them—beautiful yet cosy, useful yet warm, and enduring.

“We’re the best interior designers to provide stunning interiors and furnish your home within your budget”

Homies Interior has redefined the way people view home interior design in Patna. With over a decade of experience behind us, 1300+ timely delivered top-quality interior projects under our belt and moreover we’ve now grown to include a team of over 200+ expert professionals who love turning the concept into reality to create beautiful homes for our clients.

Distinctive & Diverse Designs

Our diverse group of skilled interior designers in Patna has made it possible to find a suitable designer for any kind of project. You can pick any interior design theme, and we’ll have a designer with that specific expertise to work with you!

Individualistic Themes

Our designers love the experience of transforming a space into something that’s stunning, elegant and feels so ‘you’! All our designs are infused with passion and creativity to create thoughtful and meaningful spaces.

Intuitive Approach

We’re unlike many other traditional interior design agencies. We have a whole team of home interior designers in Patna handpicked based on their skills and expertise who are intuitive to understand your ideas and work alongside you.

“We make it easier than ever to create that perfect best interior design for your home — from designing to planning and procurement to execution”

We all want our homes to look good, feel luxurious and at the same time, be personal. Homies Interior presents a unique design experience for clients by being the essential source of style and luxury in fashionable interior design. We offer an extraordinary result by creating thoughtful interior design styles with imagination and innovation in harmony with our customers’ concepts. Great design is about finding solutions and creating spaces that bring you joy. Our solution-driven process permits you to focus on what’s major things prime to you, leaving the nitty-gritty to us.

Homies Interior home interior designers in Patna are here to make your design home come true. Our interior design styles range from contemporary Indian themes and eclectic designs to Scandinavian, classical, bohemian, and fusion. We excel at helping clients with the challenges inherent in changing space including space design planning, architectural details and finishes, cabinetry design, and also the choice of furnishings, fabrics and accessories that flip your house into a home tailor-made just for you.

Interior design is not just about making your home look fancy. It’s also about making use of every single space in your home in the best way possible for your family.

By gauging your desires for designing your home, our team will develop a perfect design and plan. We create aesthetically pleasing interior designs that are just right for your home. Our interior designers in Patna are highly skilled at making small spaces look big and converting cramped areas into functional spaces.

We go out of our way to not just understand your vision for your home but also find suggestions to add more functional elements based on your lifestyle and make it more personalized.

We create 3D visuals of our designs to depict how our ideas would look in real-time. We also have a ‘Design Experience Centres’ at HSR Layout and Whitefield in Patna, where you can come in and have the first-hand experience of various design styles and tastes. You can physically walk through the bedrooms, living rooms, study rooms, foyers and kitchens of various home interior design themes and have your pick from them.

“Our best interior designers work with you one-on-one, working with us is like working with a good friend who happens to be really good at interiors in Patna”

Our whole approach to home interior design is solely around our clients. Our clients dream of beautiful designs and Homies Interior that make their homes look stunning and serene. We breathe life into their dreams and make them a reality.

We adopt a client-centric approach to every interior design project beginning from the ideation and designing to procurement and installation.

Understanding the Client’s Vision

Every one of us has a very particular idea of how we want our homes to look and feel. This is why our interior designers in Patna sit down with the client to discuss their vision of the designs and how they want to make that happen.

We want to make sure that the final interior design aligns with everything you’ve wanted and more. So, we use various samples to get exactly the way you want to design your home, the style you’re going for, your budget and various other preferences to bring everything together.

Conceptualizing the Design

With the base idea and understanding of your expectations, our home interior designers in Patna will set out to plan the design. This is when we drill down deep into the specific details — your color preferences, design style, interior decor and specific personalized pieces you’d like.

We create 2D and 3D visualizations of this design and hash out more details with you. With your feedback, we make adjustments to the interior design and get it finalized.

Sourcing the Design Elements

Once we’ve got the idea down, all that’s left is to bring it to life!

Instead of procuring off-the-shelf products, we’ve developed strong relationships with various craftspeople. We specifically order pieces that match your interior design from these finest artisans. This way, we make sure that your interior decor is elegant, unique, personalized and of the high-quality.

Bringing the Design to Life

Homies Interior interior designers have been in this field for over a decade. We’ve learnt a lot about the best interior designs that work together and how to make them suitable for your home setting. We procure the right interior decor pieces, install them as planned and make your house feel like home!

We’re very particular about aligning the design with your vision and so keep you informed through every process of interior designing. This way, you’ll have complete control over how your home looks and be as involved as possible.

WHY CHOOSE Homies Interior?
“We’ll work with you to develop your unique interior design style, and decorate a home you’ll love”

Homies Interior as an interior design firm believes in putting customers first and pay immaculate attention to what they need. Our comprehensive style method begins with a thorough understanding of your vision, preferences for colours, patterns and textures likewise as a review of collected inspirations. You walk into Homies Interior with a seed of an idea in your mind – a simmering visual of how you want your dream home to look like, the magical touch of Homies Interior expert design team transforms this vision into a living reality.

Nowhere else you may notice such comprehensive assistance in decking up your home, to its beautiful best. At Homies Interior, the professional interior designers in Patna team balance theory and practice, incorporating concepts and technologies that transform that language into new forms of expression relevant to today. Starting from the nurturing of your concepts, to the genesis of your exquisite home interior décor concept on paper, to putting all the items along at the factory, and immaculately putting in those stylish design components at your home as per the specified measurements and giving those necessary finishing touches – every aspect of your interior design is handled by Homies Interior experienced and skilled interior designers in Patna. And even after everything is successfully completed, we will keep in touch to make sure that your dream home stays classy, simple and striking, as we left it for you.

“Gone are the days when interior designing was a tedious process. We take care of your whole design and build process, end to end and make the process fun and stress-free”

No art is complete without every individual’s involvement to make it a grand success. And the same goes for our team at Homies Interior too.

Our home interior design team has been at the Centre of making our vision a success. Every one of our best home interior designers in Patna goes out of their way to make sure that our clients are happy with our work.

We give you exactly what you want — and more.

Our team has experience in tackling new challenges every day, coming up with new novel ideas, talking to people & understanding their hopes and dreams and delivering them to them — just the way they like. Our interior designers in Patna are best at what they do and leave no stone unturned to design a space you dream of.

We offer the best prices according to your budget.

One of the main reasons interiors designing process keeping Homies Interior has the right client retention rate and referral rate is our budget-friendly prices that come with high-quality designs.

We are one stop design solution, where great ideas get to work! We have our own factory for manufacturing interior materials — which means we can offer the best quality designs at the reasonable price and it speed up the material procurement for on time project delivery.

We make every design personalized.

As we’re often working with families to design their dream homes, we understand how important it is to create a space that feels personal to everyone. For every single room, we understand the basic functionalities needed and the vibe you’re going for to come up with the most fitting design.

We also make use of every space possible and add design elements that bring the whole theme of the place together.

OUR MAIN GOAL AT Homies Interior
“Our obsession is distinctive interiors! Bring your dream home interiors to life with our design expertise”

At Homies Interior, our main goal at the end of the day is to bring a smile upon your face. Nothing makes us happier than stunning interior homes and happy clients. We believe in enriching lives through sophisticated designs. This philosophy is reflected in our own work, in our trendy and stylish design choices and in the suppliers and partners that we collaborate with. We enjoy the challenges to create bespoke and functional spaces of confined dimensions or wide-open spaces. This is what has led us to the success of being one of the top Interior Designers in Patna. Our job is not nearly done till you are more than 100% happy with what you see, be it on paper or in real. There is absolutely nothing we respect more than the personal taste and preference of our customers, because most everything that is said and done, you will be the one residing in and using the said space. Our diligent motto of transparency keeps our customers involved in every step of the project. Over here, we help you to create your beloved home with your hard-earned money in the most ethical way possible.

That elaborate modular kitchen you have always wanted in your house but never knew how to plan; the fun and innovative room you wanted for your kids to have. but cannot figure out what to put in it; the living room you wish for the guests to see, admire and be envious about, but the idea of coordinating so many elements always overwhelmed you; the dream master bedroom that you want to come back to, after a long day’s work; that pretty terrace you want to surprise your friends with; and the library-cum-study room you have yearned for years as a personal space, only for yourself – Homies Interior will help you in making all those dreams come true, in the available space.

At Homies Interior, we understand the value of human relationships and cherish them. We vow to take care of your long-nurtured hopes and aspirations even after the job is done. We do not part ways simply because the time table says so. We ensure that post-delivery too you remain relaxed with our services, and that’s where not only our 5-year comprehensive service guarantee comes into the act, but our customer friendliness to gets tested, and this is a test that we have always passed with flying colours.

If you’re looking to work with a team that’s so invested in your interior design, then reach out to us now.


Interior Designing is creating the functional space within a building, furnishing it, and decorating it as well but, interior decorating is furnishing and decorating a space to achieve certain aesthetics. To be precise, interior designers can be interior decorators but interior decorators cannot be interior designers.

The interior designer who designs and decorates residential spaces like apartments, villas, and bungalows is a residential interior designer. Interior designers of residence can create your happy haven following your lifestyle and needs.

End-to-end interior design refers to the full suite of interior design services tailored to meet the specific client needs. It involves planning, designing, material selection, procurement, project execution, quality control, and the handover as per the discussed norms. With our turnkey interior design service designers will take all the responsibilities for your dream home, clients just sit back and relax to see the brand new makeover for their space.

An end-to-end interior designing company integrates all the home interiors related requirements in one place. The following are services they specialize in:

  • Interior design conceptualization
  • Interior design & decoration
  • Interior space planning & furniture layouts
  • Furniture design & selection
  • Custom modular design & manufacturing
  • New construction & remodel: Interior finish, fixture & material selections and specifications
  • Custom manufacturing designs
  • Lighting plans & interior elevation drawings
  • Fine art curating & accessories selection and styling
  • Procurement, Production & complete installation

Here’s an overview of the tips:
Check their interior design services on their website or have a call with them

  • Ask to see their portfolio of interior designs
  • Google the internet designer
  • Ask for a quote on your interior design project
  • Onboard

The home interior which is designed and modified as per the need and demands of the client is a customized home interior. It involves a clear understanding of your design vision and your family’s aspiration of home interiors. In Homies we provide customized home interiors so that you can have everything in your home as per your choice.

You can just contact Homies and book a free consultation. Our designers will discuss with you your choices of color and design and customize everything as per your choice and need. After discussing the parameters of your interior design project, we’ll put together a quote that outlines the details of the materials and elements including the price. It is a great way for both of us to ensure that the expectations are in line.

Not every project takes the same amount of time, it varies depending on the scope of work in the project. The project timeline depends on many factors including the size of the home, the client’s desires, budget, and more. But, the average time taken to complete a project by Homies is 45-60 days after contract signing. Our business model is direct manufacturer to consumer so as soon as the client finalizes the design the manufacturing and installation process starts and your happy home will be delivered on time.

There are multiple benefits you can draw from a professional end-to-end interior designing company other than receiving a great interior solution for the entire home, of course!

  • It saves you from investing a lot of time
  • You receive multiple materials and design options at one point
  • Quality is always assured. Since the companies tie-up with world-class partners.
  • Warranty period

Yes, At Homies, we do have a modular manufacturing unit in Bangalore and we have very skilled designers and craftsmen to forward the manufacturing process. Automated manufacturing backed up with 100% tracking of materials aids us in providing top notch interior service. Homies is also an authorized partner with top manufacturing brands. We directly provide manufacturers to consumers to maintain the quality and make it budget-friendly for our clients.

  • It saves you from investing a lot of time
  • You receive multiple materials and design options at one point
  • Quality is always assured. Since the companies tie-up with world-class partners.
  • Warranty period

Three main stages of home interiors solution involves:

  • Free Quotation – wherein our team will provide you an approx quotation as per your floor plan and scope of work required
  • Design Finalization – our Expert Designers will create a 2D and 3D image to give you a real feel of how your interior will appear
  • Execution – wherein precisely manufactured modules are installed in your space under the supervision of site managers
Not necessarily. We always advise our clients to share the images of their existing furniture so that the designers can accordingly plan a design that can easily blend them in.

Being a leading interior design company in Patna Bihar, from traditional to modern and contemporary we make all kinds of designs. We are interior designers who curate and customize everything according to your needs and choices. We strongly believe every home is as unique as you. In a short period of time we delivered 1300+ happy homes with more than 1000 designs.

Being a leading interior design company in Patna, from traditional to modern and contemporary we make all kinds of designs. We are interior designers who curate and customize everything according to your needs and choices. We strongly believe every home is as unique as you. In a short period of time we delivered 1300+ happy homes with more than 1000 designs.

Yes, there is a provision of visiting our projects. Although, we do provide the 3D design images and real images of completed projects so you can easily have a look at our work from the comfort of your own home.
For this purpose, Homies interior has created a tracking mobile application that keeps you updated on the work progress of your site. Our site managers can even schedule your visit on a weekend, as per your convenience.

Being a top interior design firm in Patna, we create all different types of designs, from traditional to modern to contemporary. We are interior designers who handpick and curate everything to suit your preferences and demands. Every home, in our opinion, is as special as its owner. With more than 13000 designs, we quickly produced more than 1000 happy houses.

Yes, our interior designing quote is inclusive of designing, manufacturing, and installing costs. And receiving an estimation quote is absolutely free! Also, all the costs of the final quote are mentioned with prior information & discussion with the customer to prevent any ambiguity.

Yes, providing customized solutions, we can work within your budget and maximize the impact of our design as per your interiors. The only key point is that your budget should fit the minimum design requirement and order value

Yes, being a customer-centric company, we do provide an option of best EMI options available for the payment conveniences of our customers. The on-going scheme will be explained to you by our team during the time of booking.

Yes, Homies Interior takes care of the interior design elements of your home for 10 years from the day of handing over the keys to you.

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