What Is The Role Of Vastu Shastra In Interior Design?

In interior design, Vastu Shastra plays a significant role. The Vastu Shastra indeed comes into play in the construction phase only. It is a misconception that Vastu comes after the construction is completed.

One should also note that ignoring Vastu’s interior design rules will lead to imbalances in energies and, in particular, of nature’s five elements : – Water, planet, Air, Fire, Space.

The whole world is nothing but the interaction of these five elements. Therefore, a good balance must be established between the five elements in a house or some other property.

Few important Vastu suggestions that you can take into consideration when planning the interior.

  • Don’t have any tap or toilet in the center of the house. A tap should not leak. Patch it as fast as possible since wealth is believed to drain away.
  • There must be no connection between the kitchen, bathroom, and prayer area.
  • Plants also play a role in the interior of the house and the house’s harmony. It is also nice to have a tulsi/neem plant at home because it provides consistency and positive vibes. Avoid plants like cactus.
  • Do not have toilets under the staircase because it is bad luck for the house.

The importance of Vastu in the interior design of a house is significant. Therefore, it is essential to consider those aspects and concepts of Vastu when designing a home’s interior. These principles would result in overall wellbeing and stability. It also synchronizes all energy within the house with five natural elements. Are you looking for the best combination of Vastu and interior design for your home?