Terrace Garden Design

Terrace garden design in Patna presents a spectacular outdoor space

Are you blessed with a terrace but confused on how to decorate it? Introducing our services of terrace with best roof garden idea in Patna to transform your space in an exciting space for a party or family gathering. It helps to keep the ambiance cooler and increase fresh circulation of air. Customization can be done as per your budget and the space requirement. Our designs are well rated among most of the clients.

What are the benefits of designing terrace and gardens?

  • Reduces indoor temperature
  • Adds life
  • Keep you away from heat and keep the environment cooler
  • Improve the quality of air
  • Works as a mini farm where one can plant vegetables and fruits

Decorating a garden has never been more overwhelming

Most of the people might have played in their lawns and spent childhood picking up vegetables and fruits, nowadays, even the houses with luxuries don’t give this option. So, what’s left? Balconies, terraces, and rooftops can be turned in big spaces filled with positivity and life. 

While designing your garden or terrace might seem exciting and you cannot wait to get it started with the help of terrace and garden designer in Patna, certain things needs to be considered before starting with the process.

  • Capacity of the garden or terrace

Wet soil can be heavier than one can thought and needs to be avoided which can lead to structural damage and weakness. Add more weight of plants and pots as well.

  • Containers need to be installed to hold pots

These terrace containers save a lot of space and offer neat and tidy look to the terrace. They can either be placed on bricks or stands, making it simple to keep the garden clean and ensure proper passage of air.

  • Look for the waterproofing and drainage installation 

Different ways are there to install the water supply for drainage systems and plants for the terrace. Drip irrigation systems work better than the usual method of watering the plants.

  • Remember the basic principal of landscaping

The primary step is to look for a focal point such as water, statue, or rock garden, and even the small tree which is big now. Another thing to remember is to go with bright colour, tall plants along the outer side of the terrace as it holds the view of the visitors. 

  • Do the installation of flower beds

roof gardening designer in Patna helps to choose the vegetables and flowers which can be installed on the terrace.

  • Keep the terrace open

Having a garden on terrace that offers a lot of space is the best thing to go with. Instead of railing, fences, or hedges, go with the opaque walls made of glass. The glass with space blocks outside view and privacy is maintained.

  • Arranging the plants vertically

To give it a sense of space and make it clutter-free, vertical gardening is on top. Using trailers and climbers is the perfect option for a garden. You can also go with the supporting basket which makes the plants and flowers look good.

  • Light up your gardens and terraces

terrace and garden designer in Patna from The Homies  Interior would make your space look spacious and lively. Always keep this in mind that your garden and terrace is the part of your house and should be equally treated like any other part. Choosing different kinds of lighting makes the perfect décor.

  • Plant in peace

The garden should combine perennial and seasonal plantations. Plants and pots of various sizes look beautiful. Try adding colours by planting colourful vegetables and plants. 

Best garden and terrace designers in Patna

With space being a plus point, terrace gardens can be the best lifestyle changer. A properly designed one comprises of green landscaping, giant fountains, gymnasium, a barbeque area, and more. Watch with excitement and delight as people rush to attend your parties on terrace and go mad over decorations and lights installed by a roof gardening designer in Patna.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • How frequently the plants need water?

Usually, terraces remain open with sun, so it is recommended to water every day. However, conditions might change depending upon the weather and location.

  • How to do the maintenance of terrace and garden after setup?

After roof garden idea, our designers will help you in explaining about maintaining everything.

  • How often to manure and pest-control?

Manuring is essential between 15-45 days depending upon the variety of plant and insecticide/pesticides are usually recommended every month or twice. 

  • Is the weather of Patna conductive to have terrace gardens?

The design and plants suggested by us are the ones which can easily survive in India. The idea will let you stay closer to nature thereby help in reducing the temperature. 

Call for all your interior designing requirements and our top terrace and garden designer in Patna will take care of the rest.