Bed Room

Creating a peaceful and calming environment, a sanctum where you can relax and put all the burden of the world behind you and dip into your little kingdom is very important to us. You really need to get to know the person for whom you are designing or building or designing this environment. The Homies Interior can revive an old wood fireplace to round out the feeling of safe haven and put the original verdant marble surround to shine again. Some customers love the sky and the water, so we have stunning and very abstract cloud images. When they wake up, it’s the first thing the customers see around them.

  • Bed, bedroom designers in Patna make sure that this is as large as we can fit into the room and ensure that we allow you some space in the dark at night to maneuver around it.
  • We make sure the linen we buy is the best you can afford-don’t think too much about the number of threads; we recommend you go for a feeling.
  • We make sure that somewhere in the room, you have a cabinet to chuck your clothes into.
  • Our Bedroom designs ensure that your bedside table is big enough for a lamp, then use a bendy directional light for reading if you have a functioning lamp.
  • Cupboards guarantee that they do not work for you with their style until the person’s design.
  • When you think of getting out of bed at night or any time of the day, our Top bed room designing company in Patna make sure that you have a comfortable and cozy carpet beneath you.



A room worth investing emotionally and aesthetically, master bedroom being the main bedroom deserves special pampering in terms of judiciously thought and creatively implemented designs.


Guests do not come often, but when they arrive you need to ensure that they experience a home away from home. The guest room interior design needs to reflect a heightened level of well thought after hospitality.


Children often are very particular about their likes and dislikes so their rooms need to be designed in a way that woo their fantasies, pamper their imagination and match their choice without inhibiting their creativity.


A study room should be sober and creatively planned to enhance concentration levels and progressive thinking while reflecting a peaceful & harmonious atmosphere to enable one to come up with thoughtful, logical and creative solutions.


Parents are the most important individuals in our lives. Their importance needs to be portrayed with sincere efforts to decorate their room interior based on practicality, while enhancing their positivity, catering to their needs, and giving them comforts.


Your bedroom is one of the most exclusive spaces of your house where you seek rejuvenation of mind, body and soul through harmony. The interior design should be such that it supports it, without challenging your peace.