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Interior designers in Patna offering creative false ceiling designs

With our years of experience, The Homies Interior holds expertise in providing best false ceiling designs service. The service is widely used in commercial buildings, residences, and industrial offices. Moreover, our expert designers carry out the work taking care of the requirement of a client at affordable false ceiling designs for living room price

We understand you might be procrastinating the entire procedure of renovation from a longer time. Though your space needs it a lot, you are in stress because of the time it takes. With creative and innovative idea, the space can be transformed with the help of The Homies Interior top false ceiling designer in Patna.

How false ceiling can be defined?

It isn’t the real ceiling and is stick to the primary one giving modern look to the entire area. It offers a modern and vibrant look. Different false ceiling designs for living room can suit your need, depending upon the area where you want to redesign. LEDs make the space glow, and the lighting improves the space. There’s a different ceiling design for every area, you just need to ask a professional like The Homies Interior.

Different types of ceiling designs

The ceiling can be seen in various forms. Depending upon different settings and sectors, the value can be added to your house with the combination of other ceilings. You can take the ideas of wall panel to make your roof look better. What you prefer plays an essential role in deciding for the installation. Several options can be determined to enhance bedroom false ceiling design.

  • Acoustic ceiling

You don’t want any disturbance while working on the big project. Also, you don’t want to disturb any other person from your work schedule too. But while at home asking for the privacy is not simple to achieve. This is where acoustic main hall false ceiling design comes in consideration. The ceiling can be added at your home where you are working and no sound will be there when you will be working till late night hours. The Homies Interior offers cost-effective solution and the installation is easier than others.

  • Gypsum Ceiling

Do you know what calcium sulphate dehydrate is? We can understand chemical names are something in which most of the people are not interested but the false ceiling designs for bedroom that the chemical can create can blow your mind. You can opt for this ceiling to give it a modern look and make your space look classy. These are mostly used in residential places; therefore, it is suitable for house.

  • Wooden false ceiling

If you want to add the boho and vintage look to your space, this is the perfect option. It offers evergreen look. You need to select the wood along with other materials. It is sustainable and offers cosy look. 

  • PVC Drop ceiling

If you need a ready-made option, you can anytime go with PVC ceiling design for shop as we are experts in doing it. From various designs offered by us, get the best one. Go for the customization as per your preference and work. Our options in budget and easy installation make it favourite for the clients.

If talk about the interiors, whether it’s your home, office, or retail shop, you would flaunt designs revolving around your work. Alluring ceiling designs leaves a better impression than the wall paints. Make sure to get it right. The Homies Interior false ceiling designer in Patna is always there to take care of your designing stress, interior, and turn it into a wonderful space.

Why choose The Homies Interior?

We, at The Homies Interior, focus on installing false ceiling successfully and innovative designs are offered with a perfect indoor match. So if you are looking for the exclusive false ceiling designs for living room, you don’t need to look anywhere else. We provide designer who can help in choosing the suitable design for the ceiling as per your budget and need.

False ceilings are usually used to upgrade showrooms, homes, and corporate workplaces. To meet the developing decoration requests, we offer quality services in Patna. Our experienced and trained designers outline these roofs with the help of predominant evaluation materials.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Does my residential place need false ceiling?

It is essential to know that deciding lies with you. You can choose whether or not to install a ceiling. However, it is also vital to remember that not only aesthetically appealing, false ceilings are functional too.

  • How long does it last?

A well-installed good quality ceiling design for hall can last for 20-25 years. However, if you want it longer, maintenance is essential.

  • How to maintain ceilings?

Moisture and dust are the key factors when it comes to false ceilings. Dusting on a regular basis can be done and moisture control should be taken care off.

Let’s get connected with the best false ceiling designers in Patna!

Designing and constructing a suspended ceiling is one of the final stages of an architectural project. An efficient design of this type of “second ceiling” includes balancing different goals, such as aesthetics, acoustics and integration with the infrastructure of the building. This emphasis The Homies Interior interior designer will cover the key aspects of a suspended ceiling design, explaining various kinds of structure, aesthetic and functional advantages, and offering a realistic illustration to be used for your projects as a creative inspiration.

A suspended ceiling is a modern architectural feature (sometimes referred to as a false ceiling or lowered ceiling) that is now mandatory for technical and commercial assets and is also becoming extremely prevalent for residential use. It is advisable to know, first of all, the various styles available on the market in order to design an efficient suspended ceiling. According to the structure form and panel form, a false ceiling may be listed.

We May Differentiate Depending On The Form Of Structure:

  • False ceiling in adhesion consisting of a metal frame directly connected to the slab by means of special fastening hooks to which the chosen slabs are mounted for the intervention
  • False ceiling suspended consisting of suspension elements and support elements (steel hangers) suspended and attached to the floor slab supporting the metal frame
  • The metal support framework does not rest on the roof, as in the two previous cases, but on the perimeter walls through steel profiles. Self-supporting false ceilings
  • According to a large range of different grid profiles, tile edge details and interlocking metal parts, the substructure may be uncovered, flushed, recessed or concealed with removable inspection panels.

Suspended Ceiling Panels Are Normally Made Of Plasterboard, Rock Wool Or Other Insulating Materials To Choose From According To The Design Specifications, But Some Innovative Alternatives Can Also Be Found, Such As Panels That Are:

  • Optimized for acoustic and thermal control
  • earthquake-proof
  • Humidity tolerant
  • Modular edition
  • Strong sound-absorbing ability
  • Wooden slats
  • And built-in lighting
  • With customizable ornaments for backlighting
  • In membranes made with a polymer of form-memory (tensocielo or extended ceilings)