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Who doesn’t like beautiful things around? How many people like plain walls? Is furniture enough to make the house look beautiful? What more can be added on the wall so that it looks elegant? The answer to all these questions is Wallpaper. More than creating patterns and textures, wallpaper designs for walls do wonders.

Imagine how the room of your kid will look with all their favourite cartoon characters – will it not add joy to his/her life? To enhance the inquisitiveness and knowledge of your child, you can keep the 3D wallpaper designs related to education like fairy tales or solar system.

While looking at the wall, they should tell you something about life – elegant, colourful and stylish! Just think how beauty will be enhanced in the house with such beautiful walls. Nowadays, so many options of wallpaper designs in Patna are available. From abstract prints to floral patterns – all of them have different effects on the wall. The 3D wallpaper for bedrooms walls designs adds different dimensions to walls.

Premium wallpaper for walls

Starting from demure prints to different kinds of eye-appealing patterns, these days’ wallpapers have returned to favour with various design options that can add style to almost any place. Even though the exquisite wallpaper appeals most of the people, the task is daunting and needs proper care and important considerations. 

To achieve the best, it is necessary to choose the one that suits your space the best and then you need best wallpaper designer in Patna to help you in the process, and this is where The Homies Interior can come to rescue.

The Homies Interior, a leading wallpaper company in Bihar, asks you to go through the romance and beauty of wallpaper designs. The exclusive collection that we offer brings the most prominent design suitable for home and office.

Some of the designs that our top wallpaper designers in Patna offer are flower design, damask, plain textured, stripes, retro design, 3D, and vintage. Being a renowned company in Patna, our designs bring the latest colours to life. 

Being the best company offering wallpaper design for home, we support you to choose the best design for your interior at a right budget.

Get the latest interior trend in your house with our wallpaper designs that create the illusion of brick, 3D, wood, or floral. Make your home look glamorous with wallpaper design in your budget that reflects and shimmers.

Find what you are looking from our exquisite collection of wallpapers organized by patterns and designs. Our collection features everything from customized prints to bold colours. 

We are here for style and elegance

At The Homies Interior , we believe that the right kind of wallpaper can leave a big impression on our perception and mood while entering a room. Therefore, we always expect from the wallpaper designer in Bihar to design walls in innovative way. It doesn’t matter the type of wallpaper you choose like vinyl, silk, or any other, the expert 3D wallpaper designer in Patna, Bihar will help to make the right choice as per your requirement. 

Whether you need a simple maintenance, complete makeover, or a new project, our service got you covered with everything. With strict work ethics and professionalism, we can offer the best service that your house deserves.

The residential wallpaper services offered by The Homies Interior are not only limited too fining and living room, but we even install in other areas such as kitchen, bathroom, staircase, hallways, etc. Besides, we also install in commercial buildings as well. 

We might offer you the entire catalogue to choose the wallpaper of your dreams – you can select as per your choice and taste. Just call us and we’ll discuss about the requirements and wallpaper design for living room in budget. We offer different customized wallpapers in eye-catching trendy schemes, designs, and colours. Not only for the house, we also do wallpaper design for office

How our team works?

Being a professional interior provider, we feel proud in having the skilled team, who handles their job of wallpaper designing creatively and expertly. The latest tools are used so that the best finish could be given to the wallpapers. These are the only reasons that make us capable of handling the largest contracts easily. 

Why The Homies Interior ?

We are the leading interior designers in Patna offering premium quality wallpaper for both commercial and residential spaces. 

  • Customer service

Our customer means everything to us. We have a team who will be happy to assist you. Just give us a call.

  • Quality wallpapers

We at The Homies Interior believe ‘Quality is more than quantity.’ The same quality is offered as we promised.

  • Premium range

We can proudly say that we are one of the few dealers in Patna offering premium wallpaper design for bedroom.

So, if you are looking for the premium wallpaper designs, call us now to book a design for your space.