The 3D Exterior Rendering services at The Homies Interior construction and interior have been in demand. This boosts the ability of the developers of the property to get prospective customers. It lets you show the consumer the characteristics of your proposed buildings. You need to focus on the exterior aspect of elevation and rendering if you want to create realistic images. We provide both 2d and 3d interior designer in Patna.

1. Sun and shadow position:

While producing an exterior rendering, sun and shadow positions are vital. If not, the view would look unrealistic. As too much brightness will decrease the visual of our picture or view, you should focus on the sun’s energy.

2. Sky:

When the exterior rendering is post-processed, add or place the sky so that it can give the rendering a realistic feeling. If we correctly integrate the sky, it merges with the building’s backdrop and increases your exterior rendering’s visual appeal. 

3. Materials and textures upgrade:

The Homies Interior construction and interior can make your render perfect with the correct use of materials & texture. The material and texture are used the best way by the top companies that provide the best 3d Exterior Rendering Services.

4. Reflections:

The Homies Interior construction and interior need to view the object reflections at the correct position when they do 3d exterior rendering. If you have glass windows in your frame, other objects will be reflected in their proximity. You can have the 2d layout design.

5. Trees and seedlings:

The inclusion of 3D vegetation in the background will provide a realistic view of your rendering. It gives the viewer a living impact than the 2D plants. The 3D trees are more memorable, but it

takes a longer time to make them. We are known as the best Top 3d interior designer in Patna.