Modular Kitchen Interior Design

Bring your kitchen interiors to life with our design expertise

Cooking might feel like a daunting task if the kitchen is designed in improper manner, but if designed well, it can make your cooking experience way more relaxing. If you need to enhance your culinary experience, the kitchen designer in Patna working at The Homies Interior can design creative yet functional kitchen interiors for you in no time.

Using the available space innovatively 

With the increase in population, the availability of land is as big a challenge, as is using the available space, primarily in urban and metro regions. There are limited spaces available in the apartment these days and ironically they go ahead with whatever is there in regards of fiber modular kitchen interiors without taking any help from the professional for kitchen designs

Usually, people worry about the expenses, but this is where the experts outsmart the novices and general public alike, by suggesting best ideas that are highly functional yet affordable. Above all, it will make the simple design look aesthetically apt as well. The skilled and experienced traditional and modern kitchen designer in Patna at The Homies Interior offer impressive design services, for any kind of modular kitchen design in your budget

Innovative kitchen design solutions

The modular kitchen Patna Bihar is made up of small units or boxes which then get assembled in the kitchen room with pleasant arrangements and aesthetic designs. Due to various benefits that they offer, nowadays modular kitchen is getting famous in almost all the houses.

The Homies Interior can entirely remodel and redesign your kitchen area into highly fascinating and low cost modular kitchen price that would make you feel good while working there.

The Homies Interior comprises of top 10 modular kitchen designers in Patna and is one of the renowned names in this industry. From the last few years, we have transformed many kitchens in a modular one. We are the professionals in development, design, and installations of modular kitchen accessories. We have the wide variety of products to suit your simple low budget kitchen designs and expectation. 

Made of high quality materials, all our products are acclaimed for its customization and long-life. Serving the industry since so long, The Homies Interior is one of the most prominent kitchen suppliers. 

Have you ever wondered how you will effectively use your kitchen space? The parallel design is the one that you need. It is best suited the long rooms because it covers both the main walls. You get the option to place all the equipment only on one wall. It is also best for storage spaces and cooking.

Your cooking place doesn’t need to look like a circus. With the help of our modular kitchen design, we can fill up all your space. You can be ensure that the kitchen will be organized well and transformed in a modern one with low cost kitchen design. At The Homies Interior, we offer ergonomics and convenience, a status symbol along with a style statement. 

A unique style only for the kitchen

Do you want to make your kitchen a centre of attraction? Then the V-shape modular kitchen designs for small kitchens are for you. The idea here is to design a lit kitchen that fits well with other parts of the home. You are looking for timeless, beautiful, and functional kitchen and these low cost modular kitchen designs and price fits in everything. Our kitchens are designed to incorporate all you storage and cooking needs. You also get various options of finishes and materials. 

Our company believe in comfort, beauty, and functionality and this is why our best modular kitchen designer in Patna offer air and open layout with ample of storage option. Latest methods and techniques are used to design a kitchen that suits your needs. We don’t go with the temporary trends but the permanent solution to make your kitchen look beautiful. 

At The Homies Interior, our affordable kitchen designs in Patna represent the excellence we stand for. The design was created to maintain our dignity with alluring cost of kitchen cabinets in India

Why trust The Homies Interior?

We offer best designing services that encompass warming up with the clients and understand what they are looking for. We offer cheap kitchen design ideas that would meet your need and requirement. You just need to have faith on us, and we will work our best to ensure implementation and delivery.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • What will be the cost of a modular kitchen?

The best modular kitchen designs price start from 2 Lakh and can go way beyond depending upon what kind of kitchen you are looking for.

  • What is the life of a modular kitchen?

No one can exactly answer this question as it entirely depends on how you treat it and what will be the materials. The better you will care; your kitchen will last longer.

  • Can the customization be done to any shape?

Yes, the design can be customized by the best modular kitchen designer in Patna. The Homies Interior offers best modular kitchen designs and has got various appreciations regarding this.

  • What’s so special about My Homies Interior modular kitchen?

Our kitchens are perfectly planned according to the dimensions with low cost modular kitchen price

Ready to design a kitchen of your dreams with best modular kitchen price in Patna? Consult with our top modular kitchen designer in Patna and feel amazing while working in the beautiful kitchen.



This design gives a natural spacious look to your kitchen area. The U-shaped kitchen is illustrated by the presence of three adjoining benchtops that surround you from 3 sides, having walls lined with cabinets for keeping kitchen appliances, cutlery and any ingredients that you might need during cooking. It offers ample storage area and abundant space to do the daily chores. This is one of the most efficient kitchen type.


This is the most liked classic layout where two adjacent walls are used to feature two benchtops. When designing a functional kitchen, one needs to keep in mind the “working triangle”, i.e., the distance between stove, fridge and the kink. This layout supports open kitchen concept most appropriately, as the L-shape fits into the 2 sides of a triangle and the ample open space allows ample free space for movement.


This type of kitchen is also called Galley kitchen, this modular kitchen layout features two working areas installed parallel to each other. Simply put, you have two benchtops facing opposite to each other on either sides of a central walkway. Best thing about having a parallel kitchen, is that it can help in easily segregating the tasks that you need to perform on each of the countertops, while moving in or out


If you have an ample amount of space for the kitchen and an open living area, then this is the layout you should opt for. They are becoming an increasingly popular choice, if you need to add extra storage space while incorporating additional seating too. The layout features a combination of either L-shaped or straight kitchen, with an unconnected island space that can be extended as a dining counter, if need be.


Studio and loft apartments generally feature this kind of kitchen layout. This design involves just a single countertop on both sides of the cooking area, usually without complex angles, and is kept minimal with optimum efficiency. The cabinets are placed above the countertop and a set of linear drawers can be placed below which provide easy access to crockery and grocery items while cooking thus saving space and maximising utility.


This layout features cabinets made of diversified materials, that can manage the wear and tear associated with dismantling and reassembling. The floor units and wall cabinets can be easily dismantled and reinstalled, and hence is a good option, if your job demands moving from place to place every few years. If you need to enhance your culinary experience, the professionally skilled designers working at Decorpot can create innovative kitchen interiors for you.