Puja Room

Most Indian homeowners literally cannot do without a dedicated pooja room for morning meditation rituals, as we look to ensure that our homes meet our increasing modern-day requirements. For your Indian home, choose one of these lovely Puja room interior designing company in Patna that resonate best with you.

Pooja Room With Complex Detailing 

Including information on the door of your pooja unit is one of the best ways to keep a pooja room design matching with your modern home interiors. To make your pooja unit look interesting, cut designs to make a type of framework in a beautiful pattern on wooden or metal doors. We are considered under the Top 10 Puja room interior company.

Soothing Textures from Marble

When it comes to interior design, marble surfaces are among those that are timeless. Make use of marble to infuse elegance into your pooja room design.

Cabinet for Compact Pooja Space

A compact cabinet built by the The Homies interior Puja room designs work as a full pooja unit for modern homes that come with space constraints. A cabinet functions as a storage unit to store some important essentials required while offering your daily prayers. 

Wall Mounted Unit for Pooja 

A wall-mounted pooja place that is built by The Homies interior Puja room interior designer in Patna and is off the ground is another feature that is ideal for tiny spaces. To get the desired look, install the device at an acceptable height and keep the design minimalist with dark wooden laminates. We are known as the Top Puja room interior company in Patna.

Design of the Pooja Room With Glass Doors

 A prayer room which has glass doors is a choice that is graceful and elegant. Glass doors should not compete with or overdo the design’s overall aesthetics. The Homies interior Best Puja room designer in Patna gives you just that.